We Wrecked This City

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We Wrecked This City – nonconformant music from Nuremberg

Awarded for being Germany’s most boring city in the mid 90s, Nuremberg experienced a short but half-decent glamorous renaissance in the early 2000s. Small indie clubs – back in those days both words were not as empty as they are today – were able to have 2-3 concerts a week with reasonable target audience, and bands like The Robocop Kraus or Flamingo Massacres achieved even some international attention. Eventually, things were happening here. At least as long as the words popular culture and creative industry, as little charming alliance between reached Nuremberg, and Nuremberg was declared – and glorified – as pop habitat. And finally, a young fragile scene bled to death.

But far from band workshops and the offerings of creative industry, quoting secret marketing knowledge about perfect performance and maximum band impact, a small subscene has been coming up lately. Non conformant. Neither pop, nor anti-pop, and not giving a damn about it. The artists on this tape share the same love for the obscure, the lust for denial, and the more or less deliberate refusal of the means of self-marketing.